6 Important Employee Competencies Needed For Business’ Survival

Imagine you’re recruiting for the role of a software developer, I’d assume that once you find someone who is really proficient at writing the desired programming languages you’re keen on, you would have found your candidate, isn’t it? Afterall, such a person is only required to excel in their role, and once that can be achieved across board for every other employee, the organization has no other choice but to grow, right?

But this is a constant mistake that employers and HR professionals have been making for such a long time now –  prioritizing hard skills over every other thing. A classic case study of a situation like this occurred when Chris’ FMCG company grew to such an extent that they needed to expand by building a new branch. So just as expected, and without knowing any better, they proceeded with their recruitment by hiring the best talents with technical skills to work in the different departments of the new branch. In their minds, this was enough to build a reputable team that should’ve helped the new branch grow. 

Imagine Chris’ surprise when problems started to arise, and he found out that the team he put together were having trouble collaborating with one another. But that wasn’t the only problem, he also found it tough to manage them as there were a lot of personality clashes, and many of them had trouble adapting to the company’s culture and business context. This was also in addition to discovering that some of these new hires found it hard adapting to their new surroundings, while others had trouble relating with one another. For Chris, he had to learn the hard way, and for him, the realization was that there were more to the qualities needed for employees to thrive in the workplace. 

Now what exactly are these qualities and competencies that employees must possess in order for them to not only thrive in your team, but ensure the business keeps coasting along? We’ll be revealing them just below. So as an organization, here are 6 important skills to look out for when hiring talents. 

1. Leadership skills

The capacity to inspire and encourage people, create a clear future vision, and interact with team members successfully are all examples of leadership talents and this is very key for whoever you’re looking to hire. Effective leaders are able to establish and sustain a supportive workplace culture that promotes teamwork and empowers workers to fulfill their potential. 

2. Adaptability

Adaptability is another core staff competency, and it refers to the ability to quickly and effectively adjust to changing conditions, circumstances, and tasks. This involves having the flexibility and resilience to adjust to different work environments, roles, and objectives. This skill is especially important because of the volatile business environment we are in, therefore, having employees who are adaptable helps you navigate different changes more easily. 

3. Critical thinking 

This unique ability ensures that your employees can properly analyze situations and make sound decisions, and for any organization, this is a very essential skill that employees must possess. 

4. Teamwork

If an employee lacks the ability to work on a team, you’re definitely better off without them because teamwork is essential in any organization as they help to foster a sense of collaboration and camaraderie.  

5. Problem solving

Problem solving skills and the problem-solving process are a critical part of daily life both as individuals and organizations. They are especially important “must-haves” for your employees because it involves the ability to identify and analyze a problem, develop potential solutions, and implement the best solution. 

6. Result driven mindset

This competency includes a variety of skills and attitudes, including the ability to take initiative, fulfill deadlines, achieve goals, and take responsibility for one’s work. People that are extremely driven, proactive, and results-oriented are often thought of as having a strong drive for outcomes, as such, they are able to establish specific, attainable objectives and take the required actions to reach them.


A lot of businesses have met their sad end, not because they were bad ideas, but because they hired the wrong people. So in order to ensure that your organization hires the right people, it’s imperative to look out for the above competencies. By doing that, the business is not only guaranteed to survive, but also thrive. At Reposebay, we’re more than equipped to handle everything HR for your organization, so don’t hesitate to contact us. 

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