Effective Ways To Manage Gen Z Employees In The Workplace

Whether we like it or not, people from different generations are definitely going to have varying views as regards work, however, no generation suffers the most from the stereotype of “nonconformity in the workplace” as much as the Gen-Z. Is it actually a stereotype though? I guess we’ll have to figure out that together. But who really are Gen Z’s?

Generation Z or “Gen-Z” as they are often called comprises people born between 1996 and 2010, whose identity has been shaped by the digital age, climate anxiety, a shifting financial landscape, and COVID-19. This crop of workers, maybe because of their “woke mindset” are determined that something’s got to change, and even away from work, they are naturally progressive, pro-government, and activist-minded. 

Despite the fact that misconceptions abound and their reputation precedes them, this group of young people are having an impact on the world stage. They’re described as entitled, overly demanding, and are seen as sensitive people with zero job loyalty. But in the workplace, they are mostly known as those who draw firm boundaries in their work and personal lives.

So with Gen-Z projected to take over about 27% of the workforce by 2025, it is very important as a manager, HR professional or a business owner to be well informed about managing this unique generation of individuals, and therefore, in this article, we’ll be describing effective ways to go about that.

Ways to effectively manage Gen-Z employees

1. Encourage Innovation And Work-Life Balance

Generation-Z is more entrepreneurial, diversified, technologically savvy and individualistic than prior generations, and just like the Millennials before them, Gen-Z employees treasure work-life balance and take care of their mental health. As a manager, this should be given a huge consideration if you want to get the best out of them.

2. Lead By Example

Gen-Z don’t like being told what to do and won’t simply obey like previous generations, therefore, leading by example through vision and feedback is more important than ever. Hiring gets more important too, so choose employees who want to work for you, then put them in positions where they see themselves having the most impact and where you know you can lead them to greatness

3. Understand Their Needs

This crop of young individuals are the first generation to make demands for what they believe is important in the workplace. This includes wanting more—including prioritizing mental health, having flexibility with hours, getting more vacation time and not settling. 

As a manager, HR professional or employer, it is therefore important to understand Gen-Z employees’ needs by having an open dialogue, asking for feedback and reacting appropriately to avoid high levels of turnover. You can leverage on the Reposebay web app to make your employee feedback process seamless.

4. Provide Growth Opportunities

Gen-Z employees generally view their work life as a way to learn, grow and develop and are not tied to one role or company. Therefore, you need to understand this mindset, then provide opportunities for their talent to continuously learn and be challenged with new experiences. They also bring new and different perspectives to the workplace that you as a leader can benefit from, otherwise known as reverse mentoring.

5. Be Flexible In Your Management Style

As a manager in the workplace, you should take note and prepare to manage Gen-Z employees by understanding their values and being flexible in their management style. The Gen-Z workers are more likely to stay with companies that offer them meaningful work, ownership of tasks and a sense of belonging, therefore, organizations should focus on developing workplace cultures that support these qualities to attract and retain Gen-Z talent.


Lots of human resource professionals, line managers and employers have constantly made the mistake of managing Gen-Z employees the same way they managed other generations of workers, leading to a high turnover rate and a situation of having unfulfilled workers. The above 5 processes will go a long way to assist you in managing such a unique group of individuals with extremely high potential. 

But that’s not all there is to it, in the next edition of this newsletter, we’ll bring you more vital information on extremely effective ways to manage and get the best out of Gen-Z employees.

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