The Secret To Being Happy At Work

For so many people, a job is simply a means to an end. An end where financial obligations are being met irrespective of whatever feeling of dissatisfaction, stress, and unhappiness you might encounter on the job. I mean, if you had to choose between living a decent life which entails never having to work again and living a lavish life, but having to work very hard for it, which option would you go for?

It is very obvious what most people will opt for, and this goes a long way to show you what we actually think of “work”. Some will refer to this phenomenon as a “necessary evil” that man kind just has to put up with, but they might not be entirely far from the truth, considering how the concept of work came about if we want to go biblical. 

Knowing fully well that an average worker spends up to 70,000 hours of their lifetime working, the ultimate hack would definitely be figuring out how to stay happy for such a long time, wouldn’t you agree? Interesting, because that is what we’ll be focusing on in just a few more lines in this article

You see, most people generally assume that to be satisfied, you must hold your dream job – one where your skills meet your passions, you make good money, and you are excited to get to work each day.

But this belief is based on a misunderstanding of what brings job satisfaction. To be happy at work, you don’t have to hold a fascinating job that represents the pinnacle of your educational achievement or the most prestigious use of your “potential,” and you don’t have to make a lot of money. What matters is not so much the “what” of a job, but more the “who” and the “why”. As a matter of fact, job satisfaction comes from people, values, and a sense of accomplishment.

Having said that, let’s show you how to stay happy at work.

How to stay happy at work

According to a research by Annie McKee and her team at the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education, to be genuinely engaged and happy, employees need the following;

1. A meaningful vision for the future

This is very crucial as it provides a sense of direction, purpose, and motivation. When employees have a clear vision of where they want to be and what they want to achieve, it creates a roadmap for their personal and professional growth. A meaningful vision will help you stay focused, make informed decisions, and prioritize your efforts towards certain desired outcomes.

But that’s not all. This also instills a sense of passion, enthusiasm, and dedication in your work, as you understand how your current actions contribute to your long-term aspirations. Ultimately, a meaningful vision empowers you to shape your own destiny and find purpose in your work, leading to greater job satisfaction, productivity, and an overall well-being.

2. A sense of purpose

This is paramount to help fuel your motivation, engagement, and overall satisfaction at work. By understanding the significance of your role and how it contributes to a greater cause, you will experience a deeper connection to your work. This also provides a guiding light that can help you prioritize tasks, make better decisions, and maintain focus amidst challenges. The bottom line is that this brings about a sense of fulfillment, which ultimately makes you happier doing whatever you do.

3. Great relationships

An overwhelming source of job satisfaction actually comes from the people you work with. This is because when employees have strong connections with colleagues and superiors, they feel valued and respected, which boosts their morale and job satisfaction. So here’s an advice for you, ensure to invest in building honest relationships with colleagues wherever you find yourself. 

There’s bound to be ups and downs at work, therefore, the amazing thing about building relationships is that those whom you’ve built it with will double as your support system on days where you have to navigate challenges, reduce stress, and maintain a positive mindset.


The amazing thing about this subject of staying happy at work is that it not only affects employees, but it applies to employers as well – I mean, most employers also technically also fall within the bracket of “workers”, and it’s important that they find joy in their entrepreneurship journey. So in as much as this speaks largely to employees, employers can also make use of these tips in order to stay happy in the workplace.

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